The NBA Playoffs Started With A Bang, As ESPN’s Announcer Audio Cut For 2 Minutes Of Cavs-Magic Game 1

Cavs game

When I say the NBA playoffs started with a bang, it was unfortunately not of the Mike Breen variety. Quite the opposite. The ESPN broadcast crew caught a tough break as Game 1 of the entire postseason between the Cavaliers and Magic in Cleveland gave us an announcer-free first two minutes or so.

Other than a minor amount of chippy confrontations on the court, this was about the most notable occurrence in the entire Cavs-Magic contest. Orlando went totally cold in Cleveland, getting clamped by the home team’s defense and failing to hit much of anything from the field (32.6 FG%), or from the free throw line (19 for 30). Losing by a margin of 97-83 and missing that often from the charity stripe has to sting. The Magic could’ve stolen this one with a modicum more proficiency. Instead, the youthful squad finds themselves down early in the series.

I’m sure the announcing crew would’ve preferred to get an alternative assignment given how this eyesore of a game played out. Put their talents to better use, rather than waxing poetic about a duel so dim and grim.

That said, it is refreshing to see both teams sell out so hard on defense, which more often than not leads to tired legs and missed J’s. The Chicago Bulls should take notes after their pathetic play-in loss to the Jimmy Butler-less Heat.

Further good news/silver lining is, not many places elsewhere for these NBA playoffs to go but up in terms of quality offense. I’m sure the Cavs and Magic will make some necessary adjustments and execute at a higher level in Game 2.

The opener was a pretty frenetic, uptempo affair, especially considering both teams play with some of the slowest pace in the NBA (Cleveland: 24th; Orlando: 27th). I still like the Cavs’ edge in experience and star power. I don’t think Donovan Mitchell with zero Conference Finals trips on his playoff resume, is going to allow his side to lose to a green, inexperienced team like the Magic.

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