“You Owe Me 681 Bucks!” – Old Man Who Lives On Golf Course Is “Madder Than S***” When Golfer Busts His Window

Old man golf course

Say what you want about this irate elderly man, but you can’t say he doesn’t know the price of windows.

The old codger probably had the going rate of windows in his back pocket if this situation ever arose, since he lives on a golf course and could have some glass taken out by one errant shot from a no-good golfer at any given moment.

This is the debate that’s gone on for decades. If you hit a house that’s located on a golf course, who is at fault? Is it the person who hit the shot that struck the house and possibly caused damage? Or is there an assumption of risk when someone places their home right next to a fairway busy with golf shots?

As someone who has played a lot of golf in my day, I like to side with the golfers on this issue. Occasionally I’m somewhere along on the middle of the aisle with it, because I would like to think I’d offer up some money if I were to do damage to someone’s property.

However, there’s a part of me that also would like to act like these guys in the clip. They busted out one of the old man’s windows, and basically carried themselves in a “that’s too bad buddy, shouldn’t have put your house right there” kind of way.

As you might imagine, the elderly man was letting them have it, and shouted out a number of memorable lines as he condemned the golfers for breaking one of his windows:

“I’m a mad mf’er right now…

You owe me 681 bucks. I’m damn madder than s***. You can’t hit this damn fairway? It’s 200 yards wide and you hit houses?”

The old guy was spitting some mad bars (as the kids say nowadays), and the “you can’t hit a 200 yard wide fairway” was especially tasteful. Of all the things that he said though, the part where he asks the guy in the cart for his name, and then tells that guy he owes him a very specific $681 is comedic gold.

One golfer apologized for hitting a slice that took out a piece of glass, and the elderly guy wasn’t there to collect apologies. He was there to collect the money he needed to replace his window, as he pointed out in his fiery response:

“Yeah, you’re sorry? I’m out a window.”

But he said “window” more like “winduh,” and for some reason, it landed like a perfect punch line of a joke. I hate that the guy is going to have to pony up for some new glass, but at least he managed to inadvertently deliver some laughs along the way.

Check it out:

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