Black Bear Has The Time Of Its Life Somersaulting On Snowy Mountainside In California

black bear plays in snow
USA Today

You don’t have to tell this bear to have a good time.

Black bears hibernate for most of the cold winter months, so when it’s time to return to normal life, they tend to be rather excited. I would be too if I got to sleep through the period of the year most known for seasonal depression.

There was nothing for this bruin to be depressed about as it tumbled and somersaulted in the spring snow in Lake Tahoe, California. The wild animal clearly had some built up energy from its hibernation period, and was happy to expend some of it by playing in the white snow.

The slopes were gnarly that day. Though the bruin wasn’t equipped with skis or a snowboard, it didn’t have a hard time at all shredding the powder. There were a couple of times where it got a running start and body-boarded (if that’s a thing) down the mountain.

Was the impromptu skiing without skis intentional or unintentional? It sure looked to me like the black bear was attempting to slide on its back, though I’m not an expert on bruin recreational activities. Judging by how the large animal got up after it slid and jumped up and off a tree (PARKOUR!), I’d say it was body-sledding on purpose.

The black bear was obviously having the time of its life. There’s no question about that, considering it appeared to find immense joy in the simple act of rolling around and pawing at the snow. It was just having itself a snow day, and I’m sure most of us can relate to a time back in the day when school got called off for inclement weather.

Most of us probably looked a lot like this bear after we found out school was out and a snow day was officially in:

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