“She Smells Amazing, It’s All Remember” — ‘Hannah Montana’ Star Emily Osment Says That’s What Stood Out About Dolly Parton

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Vijat Mohindra

That’s all you remember about Dolly Parton?

I mean, not that I’m surprised she smells so good, but still… I feel like she has a lot of other quite prominent features.

During a chat on the red carpet with E! News at the CMT Awards on Sunday, actress Emily Osment gave a little insight into what she remembers about working with Dolly on Hannah Montana back in the day. Of course, Emily played Lilly Truscott alongside Miley Cyrus, who was Miley Stewart on the show and probably better known as Hannah Montana at the time.

And obviously, since then, Miley has had a big career of her own in the music industry beyond playing a pop star on TV, and she’s had a great mentor in her godmother Dolly Parton, who appeared on the show several times, including episodes “Good Golly Miss Dolly,””I Will Always Loathe You” and “Kiss it all Goodbye.”

But Emily told E! host Paul Costabile that the one thing she really remembers about working with Dolly is that “she smells amazing”:

“I’m looking around hoping Dolly Parton is gonna walk by at any moment. She did a few episodes with us and like, oh my gosh, she smells so good.

That’s all I got. She smells amazing. It’s all remember. Dolly Parton smells like heaven.”

I guess it really makes sense why Dolly start her own perfume line, which launched a couple of years ago.

Emily was clearly much younger at the time they filmed on the and may not remember everything, but I feel like there was so much to learn and gain from working with Dolly that I can’t believe she only remembers what Dolly smelled like.

But again, when it comes to working with an icon like Dolly, you never know how it could go, so I guess that’s a good thing… but I’ve only ever heard how amazing she is to work with, but considering how many times she returned I have to believe she was nothing but the gem she always is.

And obviously, those were always the best episodes in my very humble opinion…

Here are a few clips of Dolly on the show:

And this one:

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