Patrick Mahomes Goes Full Dad Mode, Runs To Protect His Daughter’s Eyes During The Solar Eclipse

Patrick Mahomes
Brittany Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes is getting a gold star for Father of the Year.

During yesterday’s solar eclipse, the Mahomes family was enjoying the event together on their back patio. While the totality of the eclipse was only seen in certain parts of the nation, a partial eclipse could be seen from anyone’s backyard.

The magical moment is something that no one wants to miss, but looking at the eclipse without proper eye protection could lead to serious damage, including harming one’s retina cells or, in some cases, leading to partial blindness.

Patrick Mahomes was embracing dad duty, keeping an eye on his kiddos and running to block the light, when his three-year-old, Sterling, tilted her head back to get a better glance. Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, shared a video of the family on the porch watching, and captured the moment of the star QB making a play of the day, running over to his daughter.

“We got the whole crew, we’ve got the whole crew. Ope, don’t look, Sterling.” 

She is heard narrating the video. Mahomes steps in front of his daughter, and instead of extending his arms to catch the ball, he catches the harmful rays of the eclipse, shielding them from his daughter’s eyes.

What a wholesome moment of Mahomes off the field. Sterling is clearly helping her Dad keep up with his quick foot work during the off-season.

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