“Just Him Being Drunk” – Security Guard Says Morgan Wallen Threw Chair Off Rooftop For No Reason

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Another confusing piece to a confusing story.

Morgan Wallen was arrested in downtown Nashville last night after allegedly throwing a chair off the rooftop at Eric Church’s newly opened 6-story bar named Chief’s.

Fortunately, no one was hurt but the chair landed just a few feet away from some Metro Nashville Police Officers, who took him into custody on three charges of assault with a deadly weapon/reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct after both bar staff and security footage were able to identify Morgan as the person who tossed the chair.

And now one of those staff members, a security guard named Michael Phillips, is speaking out about the incident with TMZ to describe the lead up to the chair being thrown.

“I was working the front door where everyone comes in at. I wasn’t checking ID’s, I was checking bags. Seen him came in with two bodyguards, at first didn’t know it was him cause I wouldn’t think he would come in prior to daylight like that, cause we’ve got a VIP section for our famous people… 

He went straight to the rooftop. Probably about 30 minutes later I get a call “Somebody throw a chair off the rooftop, almost hit a Metro car” so I went straight to the rooftop and me and another security guard grabbed him, took him down the elevator, escorted him out here to the Metro.” 

Phillips went on to say they brought two witnesses down to talk to the Metro police, both of whom identified Morgan as the person who threw the chair, though they claimed to not know who he was. He also said that Metro police saw the security footage of the incident, which gave them enough to put him in the car.

When asked if the people he spoke to saw any reason why he would throw the chair, Phillips said:

“They’re saying he tossed it pretty hard. He had to throw it pretty hard to get it all the way in the street from Chief’s rooftop. Them chairs are not light, they’re probably 20 pounds, made out of stainless steel, so they say he had to throw it hard. 

They just say he was being an idiot and just threw it. There really wasn’t no argument or nothing about it. Just him being drunk I feel like. He wasn’t in the right state of mind.”

Safe to say he had to be pretty drunk to think that was an okay idea. The thought of a 20 pound chair falling 60 feet onto some poor soul underneath sends shivers up my spine…

No fight, no argument, just old fashioned dumb drunk behavior? I don’t know, something still isn’t adding up here, at least for me. I’m sure we’ll get more details when the video makes its way online, which I’m sure it will sooner or later. Until then we’ll just be guessing at why he’d launch a chair off his friend’s rooftop bar.

Oh yeah, here’s the chair in question:

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