Nashville News Reporter Hilariously Drops Carp & Falls Over On Top Of Game Warden

Carp fail
WSMV Nashville

Ya just gotta laugh sometimes.

I’m sure this reporter still laughs about this one.

Not everyone loves holding fish. Right off the hop, I would say this lady is one of them, or at least, seems pretty inexperienced. It’s one of those things, that if you don’t get right in there, it will get a way from you quickly.

Carp are a problem in North America. They are taking over many watersheds that they have been introduced too, and are now outcompeting nearly all fish native to these areas.

This has been a source for news for years as these invasive species move and take over new areas. This news reporter was covering a piece on carp and getting up close and personal with the species to talk about the problem.

She is seen out on a boat with a fish and game officer talking about the problem, even holding a carp to showcase the species. The carp had other plans though, and takes a flip to the bottom of the boat. It starts to flip around and she takes out a fish and game officer to avoid the flopping fish.

At least she can laugh it off… because it is hilarious.

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A beer bottle on a dock