Cat Eagerly Waits At Door To Chase Down Deer In Backyard

Cat deer

You can take the cat out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the cat.

Anyone need a hunting cat? If you do, you’ll have to get in touch with this cat’s owner. This brave feline would be more than happy to assist in the hunting of animals, both big and small.

Now I don’t know what the retrieval process looks like once this cat “catches” whatever it’s chasing. It definitely has the chasing part down though, and if I had to guess, this pet probably thinks it’s a lot bigger than it actually is.

This video is a classic case of your eyes being larger than your stomach. What would a small, 10-pound cat even do if it did manage to somehow miraculously bring down an adult deer?

The cat in this clip isn’t worried about that question. Instead, it’s busy being loyal to the instincts that have been passed down from its ancient ancestors, who actually once had to hunt for food (instead of having to beg their owners for it even when their food bowl is full).

In the first part of the clip, the black cat has already spotted some deer standing in the fenced – in backyard. While most cats would be scared at the sight of a large wild animal, this one wanted to get out there and challenge it.

And guess what? The cat owner was all for it, probably because this has become somewhat of a common occurrence. I’m guessing the owner has opened up the door for the cat attack to commence a hundred times before.

As soon as the sliding door cracked open, the hunt was on. First, the cat slithered out and behind an above ground planter for cover. Then, when it gained some ground on the two deer who were still standing in the same place, it jumped out into the open and chased both of the deer right out of the backyard.

It’s honestly really impressive, and it should gain cats some respect in the hunting community. If it has the natural instincts to go after a deer, it should only take a few months of training for it to be able to retrieve a duck.

Check it out:

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