Porch Pirate In California Dresses Up As Garbage Bag To Steal Package

porch pirate
ABC 10

It’s fitting that this garbage person dressed up as a garbage bag to steal a package off someone’s porch.

The “porch pirate” epidemic is one that’s unfortunately swept across the nation. Those that live in more populated areas often struggle to actually ever receive packages they order, even when said boxes make it all the way to their front door.

That’s because some people like to lurk around and basically play the role of a Grinch that works year round. Unattended boxes left on doorstops are up for grabs in the eye of some, and with delivery services usually working during the day while people are away at work, no one is there to stop people from stealing.

It’s become a real problem, and one that is now apparently seeing an uptick in creativity as more and more homes are equipped with security cameras. Porch pirates are adapting to the increase in technology and security by… wearing “costumes” to help not draw attention to themselves.

At least that’s the idea, because as you’ll see in the video below, working in disguise can sometimes be even more noticeable. One person in California hatched a plan to steal a package off of someone’s doorstep, and they were devious enough to do it in a way that both concealed their identity and blended in with the environment… sort of.

How did they do it? Well, the individual tried on an industrial sized garbage bag and slowly walked their way up the sidewalk, stopping occasionally in hopes of fooling the security camera. Once they get to the package, they lift the garbage bag up, take the item, and work their way back the way they came. For those that have seen Toy Story 2, it gives off big “sneaking across the street in traffic cones” vibes.

Amazingly, the Sacramento, California homeowner that fell victim to the trash bag bandit wasn’t all that mad at the person’s antics. He admitted during a local news interview that he found it to be somewhat funny, though he does wish that he still had the inexpensive package that was delivered to his doorstep.

Check it out:

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