Twitter Had Plenty To Say About Angel Reese Leaving A Crown On The LSU Bench In Front Of Caitlin Clark Before Getting Beaten By Iowa

Angel Reese Caitlin Clark

Say what you want about this rivalry between Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese, but it got me and a ton of other people watching women’s basketball for the first time ever.

Clark is widely regarded as one of the best players ever in women’s college basketball, and is almost sure to be the #1 lottery pick in this year’s WNBA draft. And Reese is a superstar herself, leading the LSU Tigers to the national championship last year after knocking off Clark’s Iowa Hawkeyes in the championship game.

And they’re both fiery competitors.

Last year during the championship game, Reese went viral after taunting Caitlin Clark – using Clark’s “can’t see me” move that she got from John Cena and had used the game prior.

So with the stage set for the rematch in the Elite Eight last night, all eyes were on Reese and Clark as the two superstars faced off once again.

Before the game, Reese was also seen leaving a crown on her seat on the LSU bench – right in front of Clark, who was warming up on that end of the court at the time.


Now, Reese has had the crown with her every game this season, so it may not have necessarily been directed at Clark.

But it didn’t age well for Reese, after Clark dropped 40 points on the LSU Tigers and knocked off the defending champs to advance to the Final Four.

And Twitter had plenty to say about Reese’s crown after the game:

While the rivalry between Clark and Reese has been fun to watch, off the court they’ve had nothing but praise and respect for each other, with the two being seen hugging after the game and Reese revealing that she told Clark to “go win it.”

It’s impossible to deny that the talent and fiery personalities of Reese and Clark have elevated women’s college hoops to levels that it’s never been before.

And as someone who’s never really watched women’s ball before, they’ve made it a hell of a lot of fun to get into.

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