Bull Elk Takes The Stairs & Comes Face To Face With Parked Car In Colorado

Bull elk down stairs

What are the rules of etiquette for passing by a towering bull elk on the stairs?

If you asked me, the proper strategy in a situation like that would be to get the hell out of the way. The best way to pass an elk is to avoid them altogether (the NPS would say to stay 25 yards away), kind of like how these people did when they had a close encounter with the big animal out in Colorado.

Luckily for them, they were inside of their vehicle when the bull elk came waltzing in their direction. Their car was parked right next to the bottom of an outdoor flight of stairs, which gave them a front-row view of the large antlered animal.

And speaking of antlers, it’s a miracle that this elk is able to hold up its noggin with the sizable rack it boasts atop its head. I’d guess that this bull elk has a bit of trouble with low clearings in the forrest, but it had no problem navigating the stairs and barely missing the parked car as it walked on by.

The caption for the post was from the the perspective of the person filming the incredible video, and they had this to say:

“I had the privilege to experience this beautiful bull elk walking past me.

I watched him gradually make his way over to me and I’m so glad he was comfortable enough to walk past my vehicle.”

That elk has some precise antler control. It had to have been mere inches, if not centimeters, away from decorating that vehicle with a big ol’ scratch all the way down the right side of exterior.

Those that viewed the clip on Instagram were astounded by the massive bull elk and left these comments below the post:

“You never know when something like this will cross your path.”

“Those are some huge antlers.”

“How can they carry all that weight on their head?”

“What a magnificent stag.”

“That’s the biggest rack I’ve ever seen and I live in Colorado.”

I’m not so sure that last Instagram user is still talking about elk…

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