Woman Takes Picture With Her Baby Right Next To Yellowstone Sign… And A Massive Bison

woman with bison

Bison can reach 2,000 pounds making them the largest land mammal in North America.

These beasts roam the plains, grazing their days away often in large groups. Bison are docile by nature, that is of course if they are left alone. With space these creatures are known to keep quiet and to themselves, just eating what they want and minding their own business.

But anything that is willing to get within their personal space is risking getting run over by a truck.

Yellowstone National Park is a breeding ground for these types of interactions. It is home to a more than healthy bison population, one of the largest remaining ones. It also has some of the most tourists coming through out of all the national parks. This is just bound to be a disaster really…

Despite signs, warnings and people employed to police this stuff, people just keep getting dangerously close. But, we can at least limit that to consenting people and not babies that have no knowledge of any danger.

These folks showed that some just don’t get it though. They hopped out of the car for the perfect picture right in front of the Yellowstone National Park sign… with her baby right in her arms. The whole family then follows up.

Thankfully, the bison don’t seem to be in a bad mood, or that whole family could have had more than a bad day.

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