The Internet Is Roasting A Michigan Representative For Mistaking The Gonzaga Basketball Team Buses For “Illegal Invaders”

Gonzaga basketball

Not a March Madness fan, eh?

The Sweet Sixteen kicks off today, with teams from around the country flying this week to the site of their next matchup.

The Midwest Region games are taking place at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, which means that Tennessee, Creighton, Purdue and Gonzaga are headed to the Motor City for their shot at making the Elite Eight.

But apparently one Michigan state representative didn’t get the memo – and panicked when he saw the buses at the airport.

Matthew Maddock, a member of the Michigan House of Representatives from the state’s 51st district, tweeted about buses at the Detroit airport containing “illegal invaders,” thinking that they were carrying illegal immigrants to Detroit.

Well it turns out the internet knew exactly who it was and why they had a police escort: It was the Gonzaga men’s basketball team getting into Detroit for the NCAA tournament, as confirmed by a local reporter.

The basketball team even tweeted about the flight, so it’s not like they were exactly trying to move in secrecy.

And of course the internet was quick to pile on…

I’m guessing Maddock will be cheering for Purdue tomorrow?

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