RG3 Says Men Who Are Chicago Bears Fans Should Paint Their Nails In Support Of Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams

Break out the pink nail polish, Chicago Bears fans.

At least that’s what Robert Griffin III is saying, after USC star quarterback (and the likely choice for the #1 draft pick by the Bears) Caleb Williams went viral recently after being spotted wearing pink nail polish and having a pink phone case at a USC basketball game.

I mean, to each their own, whatever. But Williams definitely had a few people mocking him, especially with the idea of Bears fans cheering for a guy wearing pink nail polish:

Yeah, if he doesn’t live up to the hype, things could get ugly quick…

But many online came to the defense of the 2022 Heisman Trophy winner, including ESPN commentator and former quarterback himself, Robert Griffin III.

RG3 took to Twitter to stand up for Williams – and even suggested that Bears fans should start wearing pink nail polish themselves to support their (future) QB?

I get what RGIII is trying to do here, but the thought of telling a bunch of men in Chicago to slap on some pink nail polish didn’t exactly go over too well…

Of course many also pointed out that Williams wouldn’t be the first Chicago sports figure to have…flamboyant style. I mean, pink nail polish doesn’t even really compare to what Dennis Rodman used to wear.

But either way, I have a feeling that the dudes in Chicago won’t be painting their nails pink any time soon. But I also have a feeling that if Williams lives up to the hype, they won’t care what he wears either.

Internet Sleuths Find Caleb Williams’ Rumored Girlfriend

With all the talk surrounding Williams, some internet sleuths dove deep into the quarterback’s life to bring to light something that may ease the worries of some Chicago fans. What did they find. you might be asking?

Caleb’s rumored girlfriend Valery Orellana.

The pair have allegedly been dating since 2020, and rarely ever share pictures of one another on their respective social media accounts. You can go ahead and be a social media detective yourself if you’d like, because you won’t find many pictures of them together.

But according to the internet (I know that sounds dangerous), the couple is still together, and Valery was seen at Caleb’s game supporting him. Here is a picture of her with a friend at a USC game:

So there you have it. Caleb Williams has managed a long-term (and apparently a long distance) relationship for most of his college career. If the dude wants to wear nail polish and have a pink phone, let him do it. It really doesn’t matter.

Actually, it will sort of matter. If he lights up the NFL, everyone will forget about it. If Williams struggles though? All of this “Hollywood” stuff will come back to haunt him. It’s not fair, but that’s just how sports fans work. Especially in Chicago…

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