Massive Python Eats Alligator Whole In The Florida Everglades

Python vs alligator
National Geographic

These snakes are wild.

Pythons have taken over the everglades like nothing you have ever seen. These snakes are exotic pets that have been let loose and now multiplied to the point where they are a massive problem. They will eat anything they can, but as an invasive species, they are running out of options as they continue to decimate the landscape and everything that lives there. They eat medium sized mammals mainly, but will eat anything they can get wrapped around, before they spread their jaws wide and swallow it whole.

These beasts are even going after the original king of the everglades, alligators.

Alligators are apex predators that are from a different time period. They reach lengths of 14 feet and can grow to weigh 1,000 pounds. Having one of the strongest bites in the world, these beasts can take out just about anything they choose.

Pythons and alligators have tended to stay away from each other. Some say that due to them both being apex predators, that eat a lot of the same stuff, they will have increased encounters.

Here’s how that might go down if it’s a smaller alligator. A python is seen in the grabbing a young alligator who never stood a chance. The gator squirms but is almost instantly done in the fight. Without much trouble at all, the snake wraps its mouth around the gator all at once.

Florida is one wild spot.

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