HARDY & Nickelback Team Up For “Truck Bed” Duet

Nickelback and Hardy

HARDY and Nickelback teamed up for a CMT Crossroads session, and this one might be my new favorite because it makes so much sense. With HARDY’s rock and roll sound, he was the perfect artist to team up with the legendary band Nickelback.

This past summer, Nickelback brought out HARDY on stage during their Nashville show, and they performed HARDY’s track “Sold Out,” which was sensational. Clearly, the two had fun on stage together, leading to this CMT Crossroads collaboration. While the full Crossroads session is not fully out yet, the broadcast channel teased what is in store by sharing their performance of “Truck Bed.”

Chad Kroeger’s vocals on this track…dare I say it…make it better? His raspy vocals really kick up the lyrics a notch, leaning the sound of the song fully into the rock genre, which I think it was made for. While HARDY is naturally going to sing his song well, Nickelback pulled a Kelly Clarkson and sang the song better than him.

Kroeger took the second verse of the song before he and HARDY shared each one of the choruses. The melody, which is already very rock-heavy, was amped up even more to match the energy of the two artists on stage.

“I used that empty bag of corn to rest my headA camo jacket for a blanket, then passed out like I was deadStill got one heck of a buzzIf I look a train wreck, it’s because…”

The crowd was so into the collaboration, jumping up and down and rocking out with the band. This performance seemed like it nearly lit the venue on fire it was so electric. I hope this collaboration ends up on streaming services, it is one of the best Crossroads performances as of late, and it makes me fired up to see what is in store for the full session.

Check it out.

The verdict still remains the same. Nickelback… UNDERRATED.

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