Elk Herd Running Across Oregon Beach Is An Incredible Sight To See

Elk run on beach in Oregon
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A herd of elk is making waves (no pun intended) across the internet after footage surfaced of them running through the surf on a beach in Oregon.

The viral footage was captured by various folks along Cannon Beach, a spot on the northern coast, about an hour and half northwest of Portland. With some rather large waves at high tide, the elk were most likely trying to avoid getting swept up in the swells.

Needless to say, beachgoers were amazed at what they were witnessing.

The initial video shows the herd surveying the waves before jumping in and running along the shoreline.

The next video picks up a bit down the beach as the herd continues to make their way through the surf.

Eric Brough captured this footage while staying at a motel near the water.

Camouflaged Bowhunter Gets Incredibly Close To Herd Of Elk

Sneaking into an elk heard? Next to impossible.

But for bowhunter Chris Burandt, it was a once in a lifetime experience:

“Probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced! Me and my long time hunting buddy Hill Guides & Outfitters sat here for 15 minutes watching this group of elk do what they do.

Watching the bull herding his cows this close was incredible. I’d say the new SubAlpine Sitka Gear is the real deal! Who knew elk liked Kifaru, International backpacks too.”

The elk get spooked eventually, but you can bet something like this will probably never happen again.

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