Brave Coyote Goes Into Bear Den & Comes Out With A Prize

Coyote goes in bear den

You’ve got to be a special kind of crazy to go into a bear den.

The coyote in this video had likely done its homework and realized that the bear was not in its “bear cave” at the time, but still, you never know when a bruin is going to wander back into its bungalow.

I would imagine that the wild canine in this footage staked out the den for a while, and once there wasn’t any activity for an extended period of time, it decided the time was right to courageously dive in head first.

And that it did, because after the coyote did one more check to see if the coast was clear, it burrowed down into the snow covered den and disappeared from the trail camera footage entirely.

Obviously, that creates some tense moments as the viewer is left to wonder what is happening down in the den. Could the coyote have come face to face with a resting bear? Or even worse, could a towering bruin walk back towards the den immediately after the coyote entered?

Fortunately for the coyote, it was able to go down into the den and come out with something to show for it with no trouble at all. So what did the wild animal risk its life for going down into the den, you might be asking?

Bear dung.

Yep, that’s right. The coyote risked it all just to come out with the “prize” of left behind bruin feces. Was all of the trouble worth it? Well, based on the coyote’s reaction, yes, since the canine acted like it had just come out of the bear den with a filet mignon.

The coyote first eats a little bit of a bear scat (gross, right?), then finished off the occasion by rolling around in it. You aren’t supposed to play with your food, but good luck telling that to this coyote. Plus, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure poop is considered food… to each their own I guess.

Check out the coyote tasking a risk and then having the time of its life in the clip below:

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A beer bottle on a dock