Jason Kelce Could Reportedly Steal Monday Night Football Analyst Spot Away From RG3

Jason Kelce NFL
Instagram/Kylie Kelce

Jason Kelce might have retired from playing football, but he’s not going away anytime soon.

Especially if the reports surrounding his addition to the Monday Night Football broadcast team prove to be true. Kelce just stepped away from the NFL after 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, a decision that took a lot of consideration and mulling over.

But now that he’s officially retired, the former pro-bowler is looking for a post-football career in media, something that he’s already got a head start on with the success of he and his brother Travis Kelce’s podcast, New Heights.

His increased popularity from that podcast (and the association with Taylor Swift certainly hasn’t hurt) has made Jason Kelce a household name. He’s one of the best centers to ever play football, but still, not a lot of centers in the NFL get to have the off-field success that Jason has experienced.

And that success could be set to continue with reports that Kelce is in the running to join the Monday Night Football crew. The only catch is that he wouldn’t be an addition – he’d be a replacement:

If Jason Kelce were to step into an analyst role on Monday Night Football, he’d more than likely be taking that spot away from Robert Griffin III. I’d feel really bad for RG3 if that were to happen, considering that would be two separate times in his career that he was given a couple of years at a position before ultimately being replaced by someone better.

The good news for Griffin III is that Amazon, NBC, and CBS are all reportedly pursuing the services of Jason Kelce. If another network snatched him up, RG3 would obviously be more likely to hold onto his job.

But it wouldn’t be out of the normal for ESPN to take a swing at Kelce for the MNF gig. The pre-game crew has been somewhat of a revolving door of talking heads, especially after the frequent layoffs that ESPN has had over recent years.

I’d assume the “world wide leader in sports” would want to strike the Taylor-Swift-adjacent-iron of Jason Kelce while it’s still hot, and this might be the perfect way to do that. It would just come at a cost to ESPN personality and former footballer himself RG3.

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