“We’re Both Alphas” – Trisha Yearwood On How Marriage To Garth Brooks Can Be Difficult

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Even the power couple of Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood can run into some speed bumps with their marriage.

Every relationship can have its ups and downs, as most of us know all too well. You might not believe me, but Trisha and Garth have even had spells where things weren’t as easy, especially when they decided to tackle some of the faults they had during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We all remember having a lot of time on our hands back then right? Well some couples, like country stars Trisha and Garth, took some of that time to explore the complexities of their relationships.

Yearwood talked to Us Weekly back then and explained how she and Garth navigated through the time of isolation, and how they came out on the other side with more understanding:

“I think we’re both very much alphas. We’re both very independent people who run our own ships. Sometimes when two people are driving two big ships, it can be difficult.

I think for us, it’s that balance of… because before this past year, we were together all the time. We really are a couple who got married to be together. We don’t spend that much time apart anyways.”

It sounds like Garth and Trisha were truly meant to be.

But as she explained, it wasn’t always easy. Especially as the couple had to figure out and juggle the fact that they are both “alphas,” as Yearwood went on to talk about:

“For us, it was navigating, ‘How do we stay alphas? Stay independent? Do our own thing, feel like we run our own lives, but be a couple? And it’s a balance…

Honestly, I was perfect and he had all the work to do. But we’ve been married for 15 years (now 17) and it’s better now than ever. I was always the person in relationships when things got difficult, I was really happy to just bail. In this situation, that’s not an option because this is the love of my life.”

That answer is not surprising at all, and I believe Trisha wholeheartedly. Garth surely had all of the work to do, though she later conceded that the “Friends in Low Places” singer is perfect in her eyes:

“He really is, at the end of the day, even when I’m mad at him, he listens. Even when I think he’s not listening to me, he is. He’s kind, he’s very generous and he’s very thoughtful. He’s always thinking about other people.”

And shoutout to the interviewer, because she wasn’t going to let the interview end on such a high note.

She asked a follow up question, seemingly prying for something weird that Garth does, and Trisha was happy to share that in addition to Garth bowing to her at home, he also has a rather official nickname for her:

“He does call me Mrs. Yearwood at home. And I’m like, ‘Dude, we’ve been together for a long time. You can call me Trisha.’ It’s fine.”

You can hear more from Trisha Yearwood in the video below:

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