Sports Bettor Who Won $1,500 On $2 Bet Received FanDuel Email That His Winning Were Going To Unpaid Child Support


One Louisiana man was living a sports bettor’s dream… until he found out that he wasn’t.

This is one of the most popular times of the year for sports betting, in case you didn’t know. March Madness was estimated to bring in over $3 billion in bets this year, which is just absurd right?

As you’ve probably heard before, when it comes to gambling, the house always wins. But on the rare occasion, sports bettors do get lucky and take home some winnings. And let me put an emphasis on “rare,” because that $3 billion in bets on March Madness is likely not going back into the pockets of sports fans.

Most of the time, that’s because the bet doesn’t win. However, a story that’s circulated online has gone to show that you can win big and still manage to lose money. One Louisiana man found that out the hard way.

He posted a screenshot of an email from FanDuel that stated the winnings from a recent parlay, which is alleged to be a $2 bet to win over $1,500 (insane odds), were being withheld to go towards “an open child support debt.”

As you might imagine, those online have been floored by the alleged situation, saying they had no idea sports books would have the power to redirect money to fulfill unpaid debts.

But on FanDuel’s user policy, it does state that play restriction or third party exclusion “can be made by requestors who provide proof that an individual is subject to a court order requiring him or her to pay unmet child support obligations.” So there you go…

What a wild story.

No one was feeling sympathetic towards the man who lost his parlay winnings, and by that, I mean everyone made fun of him for rolling the dice on parlays instead of paying child support:

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