Houston Meteorologist Effortlessly Sneaks Country Music Lyrics Into His Weather Reports

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This takes some talent.

You have to be really good at your job to be able to joke around while you are working and not have anyone notice. With as much as this Texas weatherman has been doing this though, people are probably on the lookout for his antics at this point.

Adam Krueger, the Chief Meteorologist at CW39 Houston, has made a name for himself by sneaking in not-so-serious jokes into his very professional broadcasts. For the most part, Krueger works song lyrics into his broadcasts, and he’s gotten very good at doing so.

No genre is off limits for the weatherman. He’s even gotten the attention of Snoop Dogg with one of his videos, which makes sense considering how viral some of these clips have gone. Krueger has also worked in a number of different country artists in his on-air bits, so why don’t we check some of those out?

First up, the talented meteorologist worked in Dolly Parton’s classic song “9 to 5” in a broadcast that aired shortly after the country music legend’s halftime performance at the Dallas Cowboys game.

Some of the worked-in lyrics are a little on the nose, but it’s still incredibly impressive:

Another time, Adam Krueger tackled Morgan Wallen songs, saying that he was inspired to knock it out because when he turns on the radio, “about half of the songs are by this guy.”

That checks out, as does all of the lyrics he snuck into the weather report:

One of his first country music efforts of his “Sneaking Words in the Weather” series was when he made things interesting by bringing George Strait into the broadcast. A country radio station in Houston challenged him to do it, and he had no problem working some of Strait’s greatest hits into the weather:

Just astonishingly hilarious.

And I know Jimmy Buffett might not be considered country music, but it’s close enough right? Maybe we can call it coastal country and move forward, if that’s okay?

Shortly after Buffett’s passing, Krueger worked lyrics from “Margaritaville” into the broadcast, and it was a little tougher to hide them, though he still did a remarkable job with it:

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