Nevada’s Epic Collapse Gives March Madness Its First Surrender Cobra

Nevada basketball
Nevada Wolfpack

March Madness in its purest form.

How’s your bracket doing so far? I know mine has already been crumbled up and thrown in the trash. And yes, I still fill out a paper bracket, and I recommend everyone else do so too. It’s much more satisfying to throw away a physical bracket.

Those that had 10-seed Nevada moving on to the Round of 32 probably felt pretty good about it more than halfway through the second half. The Nevada Wolfpack had the Dayton Flyers right where they wanted them with 7 minutes and change to go in the game… or so they thought.

Some are calling it a great comeback, while others are calling it a monumental choke job. The facts of the situation are that Nevada had a 56 to 39 lead with 7:33 left on the clock, and they ended up losing to Dayton 63 to 60. For those that aren’t great at quick math, that’s a 24 to 4 run to end the game for the Flyers.

The Wolfpack had two looks at tying the game and sending it to overtime, but both attempts were unsuccessful:

Brutal. Especially that last airball.

The devastating loss not only meant that Dayton would move on, it also resulted in March Madness’ first “Surrender Cobra” of the tournament:

Poor guy. He’ll be a part of March Madness lore forever.

Social media hasn’t been too friendly to the Nevada Wolfpack, because when have people online ever been nice, understand or sympathetic? They were too busy eviscerating the Nevada choke job, and pointing out another fan who hit the surrender cobra while time was still on the clock:

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