TikTok Influencer Arrested In Nashville For Allegedly Headbutting Officer, Assaulting Waitress

Gabrielle Egan mugshot
Davidson County Sheriff's Office/@bbyegan_

She must have been taking out some aggression after hearing TikTok could be banned in the United States.

Gabrielle Egan, a TikToker with more than 4 million followers, was arrested this past week for reportedly assaulting both a waitress and a police officer while on Lower Broadway.

The social media influencer was visiting Nashville and was “out on the town” with friends when the alleged altercation occurred. According to arrest records, Egan and her friends were at Rippy’s Honky Tonk when the TikToker allegedly hit one of the establishment’s servers in the face.

Police were told that the waitress was trying to deliver food to a table and bumped into Egan, which almost caused the server to fall down. Egan allegedly then said, “You need to watch out” before smacking the waitress on the side of the head.

The server then notified Rippy’s security, and Egan was detained until police could arrive. Others that witnessed the TikToker’s actions say that she pushed another server and was threatening others within the Honky Tonk.

Metro Nashville Police Officers deemed Egan as “danger to the public,” so they decided to take her in on charges of disorderly conduct. While she was being detained by the police, Egan reportedly lunged forward and head-butted one of the officers, and also kicked another officer in the thigh.

Following the outburst, the TikToker was booked by the police on assault charges:

You gotta love the arrogance of social media influencers.

Since the events, Gabrielle Egan has continued to post other videos onto her TikTok profile. She has yet to address her arrest, despite her followers asking in the comments for her side of the story.

Internet sleuths were able to gather that this TikTok below was taken on the day she head-butted the police officer and was arrested. At least she was wearing boots and cut-up jeans (A.K.A. The Broadway Uniform) when she was taken into custody:

@bbyegan_Boots or no boots??

♬ original sound – Gabbie Egan

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