The New Houston Texans Jerseys Leaked, So The Team’s CEO Posted A Better Picture To Reddit

Houston Texans jerseys
Houston Texans

In the age of the internet you learn to adapt fast.

Admittedly, I don’t keep up on the in’s and out’s of the Houston Texans’ jersey designs, but apparently it was known the team was going to roll out some updated ones soon.

Well, as tends to happen on the internet, some unnamed source got a hold of a picture and posted them online for the wide world to see.

At first glance I did like them but it would be nice to see them on an actual NFL player, because that is not Derek Stingley Jr…

Well, ask and you shall received thanks to the team’s owner Cal McNair.

McNair has been involved with the team since his father Bob McNair founded them in 2002. His mother, Janice, still owns the majority of the team and Cal was made the teams CEO in 2019.

While some executive would be upset that their new jersey announcement was ruined by some twerps in their mother’s basement (their hypothetical words, not mine), Cal pulled an Uno reverse and straight up posted an official picture of the new jersey design on the team’s sub-Reddit.

Gotta respect it.

I do like the design, clean and crisp, but am I the only one who thinks they looks eerily similar to the Falcon’s?

One quick look on X shows that I’m not the only one who got that impression…

There were also quite a bit of people saying they belong in the XFL (now UFL), plenty saying they were atrocious, and many more saying they copied the Jets design, but people really just love to complain online and I’m sure most of those haters will be buying a new CJ Stroud uni when they’re up on the team shop…

What do you think, better or worse than the current ones?

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