“She Would Smack Me On The Side Of The Head” – Scottie Scheffler’s Key To Success Is A Wife That Keeps Him Grounded

Scottie Sheffler

Scottie Scheffler can’t stop winning.

The PGA Tour player has won the last two events that have been held, and just became the first professional golfer to ever repeat as champion at The Players. Scheffler has held on to the world number one title for quite some time, and now that he’s on this historic role, he probably won’t be giving it up anytime soon.

Especially if he keeps hitting clutch shots like this on Sundays:

He’s arguably the best ball striker on the planet, and he’s got the mental fortitude to back it all up. Scheffler sometimes struggles with putting, but if he’s rolling the flat stick well, who actually stands a chance to beat him?

And what’s the guy’s secret? Every pro and amateur golfer is looking at his unorthodox swing and wondering how Scottie is able to do it all and somehow make it look easy. Well, after winning The Players, Scheffler gave a lot of credit to the support system he has around him.

Specifically his wife Meredith, who he said keeps him grounded:

“I have a great wife, and if I started taking my trophies and putting them all over the house and walking in all big-time, I think she would smack me on the side of the head and tell me to get over myself pretty quickly.”

There you go. Happy wife, happy life (and best-in-the-world golf game). It’s really as simple as that.

Some on social media took notes on that, while others suggested that kind of grounding support from their significant others doesn’t work for them:

For those golfers, or golf fans out there, “strokes-gained-meredith” is a pretty solid joke. Well done Twitter/X user.

And just in case you have an hour to spare, you could spend it watching every single shot from Scottie Scheffler’s Players Championship victory:

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