Louisiana Woman Tries To Kick An Alligator Off The Road

Louisiana woman moves gator

Move over Florida Woman, there’s a new sheriff in town.

The first state many people think of (myself included) when alligators are brought up is Florida. And while the Sunshine State does have around 1 million swamp puppies swimming in its waters, the real gator king state is Louisiana.

Over 2 million alligators live in every corner of the bayous, lakes, and rivers of the Pelican State, and with twice the gators and 20% less square milage, you know that Louisianans have to be pretty used to dealing with these monsters on a somewhat regular basis.

But “dealing with them” is a pretty broad term. Sometimes it can mean knowing to keep your distance and call in animal control when one’s really causing some problems. It can also mean trying to move one that’s causing a traffic jam by kicking it off the road, although that way seems to be less effective, and we have the video to prove it.

While it was taken back in 2021, this video is going viral once again and was filmed by a lady in her car who watched the whole thing unfold.

A smaller alligator, probably only 4 or 5 feet, was trying to cross the road when it suddenly stopped, probably scared of the cars and trucks that were passing by. Eventually traffic was forced to stop and one woman got out of her vehicle and tried to play the hero.

Dressed like she was out for a morning run, she used her pink sneakers to kick at the gator, who was having none of it and even gave a small snap at her foot. Brave? Sure, but did it work and was it dumb? No and yes, respectively. Granted, it wasn’t that big of a gator, but should that alligator decided to charge you after you, it’s pretty hard to run away when you’re standing on one foot.

A guy eventually comes out to help her and brings a stick, which seems to be a better option, and we don’t know how it ended, but we did get this incredible video out of the ordeal.

Put some respect on Louisiana woman’s name.

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