“I Want To Get Edgier” — Koe Wetzel Teases More New Music Coming Soon

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KW6 is coming soon.

Koe Wetzel has been teasing new music for the last few weeks, and even released a single called “Damn Near Normal” recently, which is the first new song he’s put out since his 2022 Hell Paso album.

Needless to say, since it’s been going on two years since his last studio album, fans have been wondering when the Texas rocker might drop his next project, and it feels like we might be getting pretty close to an announcement.

In a post on Instagram earlier today, Koe shared a video from the studio where he was in a writing session, telling his co-writers he had enough “slower songs” and he wanted to put together a few heavier, more rocking songs like we’re used to from him:

“I will say, from what we have worked together on, I want to get a little more edgier. Let’s get crazy with it.

I feel like we have enough slower songs than what people are used to from me, so let’s back to what they know. Which is that rocky, nasty shit.”

It ends with:


Stay tuned… he also teases part of a new song at the very end so make sure you watch the whole video to hear that too:

“Damn Near Normal” finds Koe reflecting on where he’s at in his life at 31 years old, with some very honest lyrics that describe his journey as an artist, which is maybe not as fulfilling as he thought it would be, especially considering that he doesn’t have a family of his own yet because he certainly doesn’t live a “traditional” life.

Written by Wetzel alongside Gabe Simon, Amy Allen, Carrie Karpinen and artist Sam Harris, the first verse is pretty telling in terms of his innermost thoughts

“Real job, good wife, two kids
Don’t know what exit I missed
And this road I’m on is kinda dark alone
Fake job, no wife, no kids
Can’t believe I’m livin’ like this
I’m always alone with no way home
And here we go again, spiralin’”

He continues, admitting that it’s certainly not the healthiest lifestyle in a lot of ways, but that’s “damn near normal” to him. It’s a solid release, and likely, just the beginning of much more to come in 2024.

“Damn Near Normal”

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