“Holler And Swaller” – Lainey Wilson Throws Down A Shoey On Stage In Australia

Lainey Wilson
Lainey Wilson

Another one of country music’s blonde bombshells embracing tradition.

Nothing screams the Land Down Under like drinking a (probably lukewarm) beer from a cowboy boot.

Ah yes, the age-old Australian tradition of shoeys. It has to be a right of passage for musicians to do a shoey during their first trip to Australia. And Lainey Wilson is doing a few shows in Australia and Europe as part of her LAINEY WILSON: LIVE tour before she hits the road for her extensive headlining Country’s Cool Again Tour.

After Megan Moroney crushed her shoey, Lainey Wilson also had to step up to the plate during her show.

Lainey loops arms with her guitar player before hyping herself up to throw it back:

“Are you ready for this? I cannot believe I am drinking beer out of a boot. But I am dang excited about it. You ready, brother?

Let’s go, come on! HOLLER AND SWALLER!”

Just another day in the office…

Wilson was blown out of the water by the reaction she got from her Australian fans. As this was her first time on the continent, there is always the fear of how international fans will perceive her on stage or the energy they will bring. In an Instagram post after the show, Wilson noted how she felt so connected to those in the audience.

“Australia, thank y’all taking me down under with y’all. When I decided to write songs as a little girl, I never thought somebody on the other side of the world would be able to relate to my story.

I was just a little redneck from Baskin… man was I wrong?! We are all a lot more alike than you think. We all just wanna feel something.”

Lainey Wilson is undoubtedly part of a historical moment for the genre. Her brand image is so much more than just an artist; she also shines a light on the western and agricultural industries.

She’s making it known worldwide that “Country’s Cool Again.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock