Could You Pass This Nashville Police Agility Test? The Internet Sounds Off On “Third Grade Obstacle Course” Training Video

Nashville police
Metro Nashville Police Department

Gonna get this out of the way now: The police here in Nashville and around the countries are heroes who do jobs that most of us could never do.

That heroism has been on full display from the Metro Nashville Police Department several times over the past few years, not to mention all that they have to put up on the weekends with the drunk tourists downtown.

But a training video that shows the agility test required of new Nashville police officers has recently surfaced, and has some online questioning – and mocking – the physical requirements to make it through training.

The video, which was posted in 2021, shows the tasks officers must perform in order to pass the agility test, including jumping over a 3-foot chain link fence, as well as a 3-foot wall. Then, a 99-yard agility run that “simulates a short-distance foot pursuit,” and includes such obstacles as…running through some cones, and jumping over a sawhorse and some blocks of wood.

Seems pretty real-world to me.

Well the video caught the attention of political commentator Matt Walsh, who accused the agency of lowering standards and compared the requirements to “an obstacle course set up for third graders at recess.”

And many in the comments agreed, even saying that they’ve seen harder obstacle courses on Nickelodeon shows. (That Aggro Crag from Guts always looked like a beast).

Even Elon Musk jumped into the debate:

And plenty of others had jokes about how easy the whole thing appears:

So what do you think? Could you pass this test?

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