Owl Flies Off With House Cat, Perches In A Tree To Enjoy Its Meal

owl snags house cat

Nature doesn’t care if that is your friend, these predators are just trying to get their next meal.

Owls are some of the coolest predators out there, going unseen most of the time and attacking their prey with precision and silence to make their hunts quick and as efficient as possible. Owls will eat anything they can take out, but mainly dine on small mammals like mice, squirrels and ground hogs. They will also eat other birds, snakes or frogs if the opportunity is there.

They are opportunistic and won’t shy away from people’s pets if they spot a yappy dog in someone’s backyard.

Their power makes them very successful hunters, they strike from above with speed and precision, using their razor-sharp talons to grab the kill zone on their targets. Some owls, such as the barn owl, can even fly without making a sound. Seriously, zero sound whatsoever… and then the next thing you know, fluffy is going for a ride.

These folks unfortunately caught one in action in town.

An owl is seen swooping down and pinning a cat to the ground. It’s not necessarily easy, but it flies off with the cat in its talons. Later, the owl is spotted with its new meal perched up in a tree.

Watch out for those owls with your small pets, people… you’ve been warned.

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