Matt Koziol Reflects On Journey To Being A Better Man With New Track “I Was”

Matt Koziol
Kevin Fagan

Matt Koziol dropped another heater today.

After announcing his forthcoming album Last Of The Old Dogs, due for release on April 5th, Koziol dropped the single “Old Fashioned” with 49 Winchester’s lead singer Isaac Gibson. The rock-influenced song set the stage for what was to come with the album, and today, Koziol follows that single up with another stellar track.

“I Was” is the ultimate self-reflection song, reflecting on growing up and growing into one’s skin through a new phase of life.

“Who I was ain’t who I am. A little more amen. A lot less god***m. If you’ve ever grown through a struggle, or even if you’re going through it now, this song is for you.

‘I Was’ is the last standalone release off my upcoming album ‘Last of the Old Dogs’ coming April 5.”

Co-written with Kenton Bryant, who has worked with Luke Combs, Kip Moore and others, the song focuses on the message that you can’t judge someone by their past. From being a good kid to stirring up trouble, living the wild and single life to slowing down and placing roots with your love, you grow and evolve. Even when looking back on some chapters that might not have been your shining moments, the lyrics highlight that those moments shape us into who stands before those today.

“Kenton Bryant and I wrote this song about taking time to be a better man than the years before. It takes a while to learn from mistakes, and we wanted to tell our own journeys in this one. I’m glad this song is yours now, and I hope y’all can hear your own story in it.”

This song’s classic Southern rock roots will make this single timeless. I have played this track too many times, and each listen is better than the list. Add this one to your playlists, and let it rip.

Last Of The Old Dogs Tracklist:

1. “Which Way To Heaven” (Matt Koziol, Reyna Roberts)

2. “Better Side Of Lonely” (Matt Koziol, Ava Suppelsa, Khal Yassein)

3. “Last Of The Old Dogs” (Matt Koziol, Steve Moakler, Andy Skibb)

4. “The Fire” (Matt Koziol, John Stanislawski, Tristan Bushman)

5. “Mine” (Matt Koziol, Carlton Anderson)

6. “Ghost In This House (Feat. Vince Gill)” (Hugh Prestwood)

7. “I Was” (Matt Koziol, Kenton Bryant)

8. “You Better Run, Son” (Matt Koziol, Brandon Moore)

9. “Letting You Go Again” (Matt Koziol, Jenn Schott, Danny Rader)

10. “Old Fashioned (feat. Isaac Gibson of 49 Winchester)” (Matt Koziol, Brett Truitt, Steve Moakler)

11. “Follow Me Home” (Matt Koziol, Gus Seyfertt)

12. “Uphill Battle” (Matt Koziol)

13. “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” (Fred Rose)

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