Ernest & Jelly Roll Drop Animated Music Video For New Song “I Went To College, I Went To Jail”

Ernest and Jelly Roll

The song (and subsequent music video) everyone has been waiting for.

If you’ve ever wished to see cartoon versions of Ernest and Jelly Roll, today is your lucky day. The new music video for “I Went To College, I Went To Jail” was finally released, and it did not disappoint.

The duet is featured on Ernest’s new album Nashville, Tennessee, which will release in its entirety (26 songs) on April 12th. Ernest made the officially announcement yesterday, and also revealed that five of the project’s songs would be released ahead of the full album

Nashville, Tennessee‘s first track is a humorous storytelling song that Ernest put together with Jelly Roll. Ernest previously teased the song on Theo Von’s This Past Weekend podcast, telling the story of how it came to be, and how Luke Bryan played a big role in Ernest and Jelly Roll finally putting the song together:

“I used to go by his house and acquire some things, and we’d freestyle rap. And this was back in, like, 2010.

Then I went to college, and he went to jail, and then we came back around all these years later. Then Luke was like, ‘Hold one mother****er, you better write that song right now.'”

So they did, and what they came up with was a hilarious musical juxtaposition of Ernest and Jelly Roll’s paths to country music stardom. Both Nashville natives, Ernest went to college for one year, and Jelly Roll went to jail for four years, and the repeated chorus lays it all out and poses an interesting question:

“I went to college, and I went to jail
One was a dorm room, one was a cell
Who came out on top? Hell, it’s hard to tell
I went to college, and I went to jail…”

The rest of the song is really just simple storytelling – in a good way. Ernest and Jelly Roll don’t exaggerate or fabricate anything. “I Went To College, I Went To Jail” is just a good old fashioned country song that tells the truth, and goes to show that path to stardom isn’t always linear. In fact, it can often include some not-so-smart choices that all eventually (and hopefully) come out in the wash.

Plus, country music fans get to see Ernest and Jelly Roll as cartoons (very accurate cartoons at that), which makes the story told throughout the track that much more enjoyable.

Check it out:

Is it too much to ask for a cartoon series with Jelly Roll and Ernest?

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