“How Dare They Shame A Child Like This” – Bunnie Xo Seeks Justice For Girl Who Was Suspended From School Over Jelly Roll Drawing

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Bunnie Xo is coming to a little girl’s defense.

If there is one thing Bunnie Xo is going to do, it’s fight for those who deserve to be fought for. Last night on Facebook, Bunnie Xo shared that she needed help finding a little girl’s family.

It was been brought to  Jelly Roll and her attention that a young student picked to draw the famed country music couple for a school project and was later suspended for how she drew Bunnie Xo.

“Y’all I need your help. There is a little girl who did a project on J & I.. she picked us because of all we’ve been through & our resilience. For the project she drew a picture of us, THE SCHOOL SUSPENDED HER because of how she drew me! She’s in middle school! How dare they shame a child like this. Please help me find her parents & her, J & I have something we want to do for them. She lives in Tennessee.”

The comment section quickly filled up trying to get Bunnie in touch with the family, and the result is something that I don’t think anyone expected. The mother noted that her daughter had been bullied tremendously at school, resulting in emotional and physical injury.

“The little girl has been bullied so badly at this school that it’s even resulted in her having her wrist broken. This is more than just being bullied; this is lifetime scars that will be left on this child & the mom has pleaded with the school for someone to help them & no one would.”

The mother explained to Bunnie that her daughter wrote an essay and drew a picture depicting Jelly Roll and Bunnie’s story and how resilient they are, hoping she would one day possess that and overcome her bullies and struggles. Not only was the artwork put under fire from the teacher, but the essay submitted was marked up, tearing down how Bunnie and Jelly’s story touched this girl. After hearing this, the couple stepped in and wanted to do more than highlight the artwork that this young girl made. They want the school to fix their wrongdoings.

“Now that my husband & I have stepped in, the school is saying the child is lying. This honestly breaks my heart & my husband & I’s intentions behind this is to drop merch with the child’s picture she drew & give all the proceeds to that family.

Bullying never wins, good hearts & pure intentions do.”

Bunnie was very cautious, only mentioning the school’s name after she received permission from the family. Once the school was named (the comment with the name was deleted this morning), many other families with children that go to the middle school came forward with stories noting the school admin has not shown up for students at different times of need.

The school is very upset with Bunnie Xo for shedding light on the situation, claiming that the family has made up this information about the student being suspended.

“Just wondering what facts they’re talking about? Their public post of denial just like the mom’s public post of her defending her child?

My posts never mention them. The comment that did was deleted first thing this am. Other than that, I do not need to delete my posts talking about helping a child or defending her.”

While I don’t know Bunnie Xo personally, she is not one to add frills to a story to get media attention. She has no problem telling you how it is. As Bunnie mentioned, she and Jelly Roll are working towards creating merch from the student’s artwork to support her and her family.

Bunnie Xo and Jelly Roll are some good people… respect.

Check out some of the other comments people have left that Bunnie highlighted about the wrongdoings of this school.

The mom also posted a video, explaining her side of the story:

@momma.lucifer This video is about the post Bunnie Xo made standing up for my daughter. and shinning light on a kids voice, drawings and their right to choose people as their icons regardless of their past. #bunniexo ♬ original sound – MOMMA.LUCIFER

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