“This Is Not The Album Cover” – Beyoncé’s Publicist Sends Out Press Release After Album Cover Backlash

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Beyoncé/Parkwood Entertainment

Welp, it’s official…. Beyoncé’s upcoming album Act II: Cowboy Carter is set for release on March 29th, featuring songs like “Texas Hold ‘Em,” 16 Carriages,” maybe even some kind of Dolly Parton “Jolene”-inspired track, at least according to Dolly herself. However, that part remains unclear.

But while we wait for the full tracklist, what IS clear is that Beyoncé fans will stream the hell out of this, whether it’s particularly country or not, country music fans probably won’t care all that much, and in 3 months, we’ll all go on our merry way.

But, yesterday the Bey-Hive was sent into a firestorm after the title of the record was announced, and what many thought was the cover art, was released. And let’s just say folks weren’t very impressed with title of the album, or the cover, but the supposed cover art caught even more heat in the comments.

So much so that I got a press release from Beyoncé’s publicist last night, one that stated:

“Please note, this is not the album cover! For more information visit: https://www.beyonce.com”

Why? Because fans were less than pleased:


I mean, it’s not that bad, right? They should see some mainstream country music album cover…

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