Luke Combs Teases Heartfelt New Song About His Son, “The Man He Sees in Me”

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Zack Massey

Sounds like another #1 hit for Luke Combs.

The country superstar shared a teaser of a new song called “The Man He Sees in Me” this morning over on Instagram, and it’s absolutely a tearjerking, beautiful tune about his love for his sons and how he hopes to be the man they deserve as a father.

The song describes his oldest son Tex, who will be four in June (and I’m sure it was also inspired by his infant son Beau who was born last August), and how he likes to play Spiderman in his Walmart boots and go fishing in a camo hat.

Luke sings about how Tex thinks his dad basically hung the moon, and he hopes he never gets old enough to realize that Luke has never really “scared a monster out of the closet in his room” and isn’t exactly a perfect person:

“He’s Spiderman and Walmart boots
And a camouflage hat
With a baby blue Zebco that gets hung up every cast
He thinks he’s learning fishing
From the man that taught Bill Dance
And I think as I untangle it and put it in his hands

I hope he never finds out that I didn’t hang the moon
And I’ve never scared a monster
Out of the closet in his room
One day between him leaving home and driving on my knee
Maybe I’ll finally be the man he sees in me”

Yeah, you might wanna grab a few tissues before you listen to this one…

It’s unclear exactly who the writers are, but I have to imagine based on the deeply personal descriptions and heartfelt sentiment that Luke was, at least, a co-writer.

His wife Nicole also seemed choked up by how sweet the song is, leaving a comment that her husband “blindsided” by dropping this without warning;

“You can’t just drop this and not tell me. Blindsided and EMOTIONAL.”

I’m not a parent yet, but I imagine the moms and dads everywhere are gong to love “The Man He Sees in Me,” and I don’t think Luke’s gonna be able to wait too long to release it. This will become a quick fan-favorite, and I can’t wait to hear the entire song (hopefully) soon:

Luke recently scored his 18th straight #1 at country radio (yes, you read that right) with “Where The Wild Things Are,” a song from his 2023 Gettin’ Old album. Counting features, it’s Combs’ 20th #1 radio hit.

“Where The Wild Things Are”

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