New Orleans Spring Breaker Reveals The Two Things She Can’t Live Without: “Bronzer & Cocaine”

New Orleans spring break

As a wise man once said, “We go together like cocaine and waffles.”

But that’s been awhile, so apparently waffles are out for the young kids.

Spring break is in full effect for college students around the country, and some cities like Miami have even tried to keep the party crowd away because of the trouble that they cause.

The city recently released an ad announcing that they were “breaking up” with spring break, instituting increased police patrols and stiff fines to try to keep spring breakers from visiting the city.

Well it looks like that wasn’t a problem, because apparently they just went to New Orleans instead.

Fox News host Lawrence B. Jones was in the Big Easy talking to spring break visitors, and asked one woman how she started her day while she was on vacation.

And she has quite the routine:

“Morning routine, two things you can’t live without: Bronzer and cocaine. Wake up, put on bronzer, cocaine, and we’re good for the day. And now I’m a senior in college and here I am. My two go-tos, bronzer and cocaine.”

I mean, at least she’s honest.

The woman also revealed that it was the first day of spring break, and if you’ve been to New Orleans you know that partying there is a marathon, not a sprint. A few drinks on Bourbon Street and next thing you know you’re passed out on the sidewalk in front of a bar as the sun’s coming up. (Not speaking from experience or anything).

You have to have something to keep you going when you’re in New Orleans. And apparently this woman found what works for her?

Now, I’ve suffered my fair share of hangovers in New Orleans, and pretty much the only thing that’s saved me is Liquid IV. A packet before bed, a packet in the morning, and I even throw an Alka Seltzer in there to help with the headache and stomach problems. Pretty much the only thing I’ve found that’s worked. But I guess to each their own.

Let’s just hope her parents don’t see this…

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