March Madness Is Officially Here As College Basketball Player Flips Off His Own Bench

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley basketball

Nothing says “March Madness” like a college basketball player flipping off his own bench in celebration.

At least that’s what we hope happened. There’s a small chance that University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Forward Daylen Williams was flipping the bird out of spite, possibly to his coaching staff, after he scored a bucket.

The UTRGV Vaqueros were battling against the Utah Tech Trailblazers in one of their final regular season games this past weekend, and with both teams having rather abysmal records, neither ended up qualifying for their conference tournament.

Both squads belong to the WAC (Western Athletic Conference), and their conference tournament only allows for the top 8 teams in the league to compete for an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. That might help to explain why tensions were high during the game, since both team’s seasons were winding down.

And if you are about to wrap up your regular season, and for Daylen Williams his playing career, why not go out guns-a-blazing in one of your final games? By guns-a-blazing, I obviously mean birds-a-blazing…

Unfortunately for Williams and UTRGV, the Utah Tech Trailblazers went on to win the game 79 to 74. That means that the middle finger to your own bench and coaching staff was likely all for nothing.

But maybe it wasn’t all for nothing, since we all got to laugh at it on social media:

You won’t be seeing UTRGV on your March Madness bracket this year, which is a shame. Sports fans could use a team that just lets middle fingers fly as they go on a cinderella run. That would actually be electric.

Those on social media that saw the video couldn’t help but become fans of the ragtag UTRGV squad. They are called the Vaqueros, but I think the UTRGV Flying Middle Fingers has a nice ring to it:

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