“Vegan” New York Bakery Under Fire For Allegedly Just Reselling Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

It’s tough to eat clean and healthy nowadays.

Not only does it generally cost more to so do, this story goes to show that you can’t ever know for sure if you are really eating healthy. That vegan, “health-conscious establishment” you are spending your hard-earned money at could easily be a Dunkin’ Donuts in disguise.

That could (allegedly) be the case for this vegan bakery in New York called the Savory Fig after one customer ordered vegan and gluten free bakery items…and got something a little different from what they wanted. The customer, a “snack influencer” on Instagram, quickly noticed that one of the donuts in their order that was supposed to be “gluten free” looked suspiciously close to that of a donut from Dunkin’.

How were they able to tell? Well, the sprinkles on the donut were D-shaped, and matched up with Dunkin’s color scheme. You’d have to live under a rock to think that the donut pictured below wasn’t from the popular breakfast and coffee chain.

The “snack influencer” first tried confronting the vegan store owner, giving them the opportunity to confess to their mistake. When the Savory Fig did not, the Instagram account took things public and exposed the “vegan” bakery for buying and selling Dunkin’s donuts:

“In the middle of the boxes was the donut pictured in the first slide. I (John) immediately became concerned as to why this one donut was decorated differently than all the others and in such a strikingly similar way to a recognizable chain.

I pulled all of the items delivered out of our racks immediately and stored them in the back out of precaution until I could confirm what was or wasn’t happening here.”

After testing the donut pictured above, they found out that the donuts they ordered were not gluten-free at all. They really didn’t need to do conduct any scientific testing. Anyone can look at that purple icing and those sprinkles and tell you that’s a Dunkin’ donut.

And the plot thickens, because now the vegan consumer has brought their story to the attention of a number of different organizations in New York, which are now investigating the Savory Fig and their products that they claim to be “vegan” and “gluten free.”

They provided this update earlier this week:

“We have contacted the Supervisor at the Division of Food Safety and Inspection from NY Agriculture and Markets. He stated they will begin an investigation and will notify us of the results once it is complete.

We also alerted Suffolk County Department of Health. We are waiting to hear back from them about the next step in the process.”

Just an absolute mess of a situation. If you want to sell Dunkin’ Donuts, just BE a Dunkin’ Donuts. Is it really that hard?

Now the vegan consumer has no choice but to “dunk away” Savory Fig’s heart…just like the hit song from the Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl Commercial:

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