Six Bull Sharks Feast On Goliath Grouper As Fisherman Tries To Land It Off Florida Coast

Shark attacks fisherman's catch

As if one shark wasn’t bad enough…

A Virginia Beach based fishing guide named Jack Limroth is spending the winter down in the Sunshine State and had himself one of the most Florida fishing experiences you can have just the other day.

Someone on Captain Jack’s boat hooked up with a goliath grouper, which get their name for good reason, averaging around 400 pounds but can grow to be over 800 pounds, when a group of nearby sharks took note of the struggling fish.

Six… yes six… large bull sharks began chowing down on the hooked grouper as the guy tried to reel it in and the scene when what was left of the fish broke the water’s surface was truly incredible and terrifying.

You really, really don’t want to get pulled into that water…

There were lots of comments talking about the “shark problem” many saltwater anglers are seeing due to the protections placed on the species, and while I’m sure there’s some credence to that, that’ll be a blog for another day. For now, let’s just appreciate the power of these ocean predators.

I was just fishing down in Florida and didn’t have a problem with sharks but pretty much everyone down there has a story about one stealing their catch. This one, though, may just take the top prize.

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