“You’re Completely Present” – Aaron Rodgers On His Love For Fly Fishing

Aaron Rodgers nailed this take.

As for the other takes that the NFL quarterback has provided in recent months, I’ll just choose to say “no comment.” Each person has the right to read his “conspiracy theory” talk and take away from it what they wish.

But there’s no debating Aaron Rodgers’ take on fly fishing, which is that it’s one of the best ways a person can get outside and experience nature. If you have an argument against that, it’s only because you’ve never been fly fishing.

Rodgers was a guest on the Keep Hammering Collective podcast, and it was during his sit down interview that he and host Cameron Hanes talked a lot about being one with nature.

Obviously, the darkness retreats that the New York Jets QB went on came up in that discussion. Rodgers related that “grounding” experience with being out in nature, which is when he brought up his passion for fly fishing:

“We’ve talked about my love of fly fishing, and one of my favorite things about it is that you’re in nature, your phone doesn’t work and you’re completely present…

How often in life are we just present in those moments? Where the only thing that matters is where I am in that moment and the connection I have to my surroundings.”

Like I said earlier, can’t really argue with Rodgers on that one. In a society where everything is viewed through the lens of social media, there’s not much out there, at least it seems, that allows and encourages people to be present.

That’s why the Super Bowl winning QB loves the experience of fly fishing so much:

“When you’re in the raft waiting for that special spot to work your line, to get it in the perfect drift so you get a chance to hook a fish, you’re completely dialed and present in that exact moment…

I just love being out there, immersed in nature, fully present, and kind of unplugged. It’s a catch 22 because the more I’m unplugged from my phone, the more I’m plugged into myself.”

Right on A-Rod.

You can hear more about Rodgers’ thoughts on getting out in nature, along with a plethora of other topics, in the Keep Hammering Collective podcast below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock