Oklahoma High School Under Investigation After Videos Of Students Licking Toes For Fundraiser Surface

Toe licking Oklahoma
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What are they fundraising for here?

Edmond, Oklahoma, school is under rapid fire after videos that show students at Deer Creek High School licking others’ toes during a fundraising event. During the school’s Wonderful Week of Fundraising, students signed up for games that raised money for various charities around their community…but what adult signed off on this one?

The videos show students licking peanut butter off other people’s toes. While the school responded to the videos noting that students had signed up for these games prior to them being played, it does raise a question if students knew they were going to have feet in their mouths.

Needless to say, the school is getting FLAMED, leading State Superintendent Ryan Walters to post on Twitter:

 “This is disgusting. We are cleaning up this filth in Oklahoma schools. Our agency is investigating.”

Amid an investigation being opened, the school has released a public statement apologizing for the incident.

“We want to stress to our community that much of the information accompanying this video is inaccurate. However, through this specific game, we failed to uphold the dignity of our students and the proud image of our community.

We have a responsibility to protect our Antlers and showcase them in a positive light. In regards to this one particular activity, we fell short and for that we greatly apologize.”

Although their Wonderful Week of Fundraising lead to $152,830.38 that will go to Not Your Average Joe, a local coffee shop that employs those with intellectual, development and physical disabilities…I’m going to go on a limb and say that their high dollar amount raised is going to be heavily overshadowed by this media storm.

A student annonmoysly told Fox 25 noting how shocking the activity was.

“It was surprising. I didn’t think they were going to do all that. I was just shocked. I didn’t really have like a feeling. I was kind of disgusted and then kind of glad I wasn’t over there.”

I fear whoever’s call this was to include in part of the game might be facing the loss of their employment…

Check out what Twitter has to say.

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