Stephen A. Smith Goes Off On President Joe Biden For Video Eating Fried Chicken With Black Family

Stephen A. Smith Joe Biden
The Stephen A. Smith Show

Stephen A. Smith never holds back.

The ESPN personality and host of The Stephen A. Smith Show has made a name for himself for his wild rants and his willingness to call out just about anybody and everybody.

And his latest target: President Joe Biden.

Biden recently posted a video to his Instagram of himself sitting down with a black family at the dinner table for a conversation about the kids’ school and passion for sports.


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But it was their dinner choice that got the attention of Stephen A.

The family is eating chicken tenders from Cook Out while Biden says that he “went the route of making sure I had a hamburger.”

And Smith isn’t a fan of the optics of the president sitting around a dinner table with black people eating fried chicken:

“We all know about racist tropes…where people sit up there and try to intimate something else of a racially insensitive nature. So black folks with the president and fried chicken ain’t the greatest look…

I have a problem with the president. There’s black kids all over the place…that is the kind of scene, that is the kind of imagery you and your team decided to provide? Really? Really? Sitting down eating fried chicken? Come on man.”

Stephen A. says that he’s called out Donald Trump and other politicians on his show, so he’s not going to give Biden a pass:

“Do you like I’m going to let President Biden off the hook? This wasn’t Kamala Harris in Raleigh. This was him. This is the same dude who was a senator in the ’90s pushing the crime bill. You know that crime bill that led to mass incarceration for an inordinate amount of black folks…who was more of a culprit of that than Biden?”

And while he says he acknowledges the good things Biden’s done, this ain’t it:

“This imagery, I want to know who the hell came up with that idea.”

He also points out that if it were Trump eating fried chicken with a black family, the reaction from most would probably be the same:

“If we’re being fair, if we saw Donald Trump sitting down in a black household eating fried chicken with a father and a son, what would we say? You know folks out there would be calling it racist.

Well if it’s racist for him – and I’m not saying it would be – but if it’s racist for him, why wouldn’t it be racist for Biden?”

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