Thieves Steal Over $2k Worth Of Crocs From Myrtle Beach Store

Crocs theft
Chels Reel via WMBF

I mean, I love Crocs too but this is just ridiculous.

Of course this is happening all over the country, these “smash and grab” robberies where thieves will come into a store and try to just get a five finger discount on as much merch as they can before running off with their haul. It’s become a big problem, especially for electronic stores that sell more pricey items.

But apparently even Crocs stores aren’t safe these days.

According to WMBF, three suspects ran into the store located at the Tanger Outlets in Myrtle Beach and began helping themselves to whatever they could find.

Video shows the thieves stuffing shoes into bags while helpless employees looked on. And when one of the criminals saw that somebody was recording her, she smacked them with a Croc as somebody else jumped in between them.

The woman sarcastically asked the thieves if they needed any help, to which one of the women responded, “Nah I got it.”

People are just too comfortable these days knowing that there aren’t going to be any consequences for this sh*t.

The trio reportedly made off with 33 pairs of Crocs shoes, worth $2,104, and $778 worth of “jibbitz,” or little charms that are sold as accessories for the Crocs, getting away with a grand total of $2,883 worth of stolen items.

One person has reportedly been arrested, but Horry County police are still searching for the two other suspects.

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