Patrick Mahomes Begs NFL Combine To Stop Using His Slow 40-Yard-Dash Overlay, And… They Still Did

Pat mahomes 40 time
NFL Network

Patrick Mahomes has had plenty of memorable moments in the NFL, but there’s one in particular that he really wishes everyone would forget.

It was actually before his hall of fame career (too early to say that? I think not) got started, when he ran the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine in 2017. Mahomes went as far to plead with the NFL Network yesterday to not use his 4.80 time in an overlay this year, saying:

“As the combine starts this week, all I ask is that (the) NFL Network doesn’t use my 40 (time) overlay anymore.”

Seems like a pretty reasonable request from a back-to-back Super Bowl winning quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, does it not? And just for context, 4.80 is the same time as Peyton Manning, and slower than former Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. No surprise why Pat doesn’t want it aired…

Well, the NFL Network must have filed that request in their circular filing cabinet (trash can), because the next day, they went against Mahomes’ wishes and overlayed his 40-yard dash from 2017 with two defensive tackles that are coming out college right now.

The NFL account replied right to Mahomes post/tweet from the day before, almost like they knew exactly what they were doing:

The good news for Patrick is that he’s a touch faster than defensive tackle T’Vondre Sweat (Texas), who will likely be chasing him down next season. The bad news? 300 pound DT Braden Fiske (Florida State) beat his 40 time, and this video will undoubtedly be played when he eventually sacks Mahomes.

Kansas City’s QB figured that there was only one way to respond to that clap back from the NFL Network, and that was to let a GIF relay the emotions he was feeling in the moment:

If that made Mahomes upset, I hope he didn’t see Tom Brady’s 40-yard dash that he posted today. The 46-year-old former QB (and one of the only players to beat Mahomes in a Super Bowl) posted a video of himself running a 40 earlier today, in which he allegedly beat the time he ran in the year 2000.

Watching this probably wouldn’t help Mahomes feel any better, even though his slow 40-yard time in 2017 was still faster than the one Brady ran before he entered into the league. Maybe the key to a legendary QB is a slow 40-yard dash time?

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