Did You Know That Joe Rogan Is On Sturgill Simpson’s ‘Sound & Fury’ Album?

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Did you catch that?

Sturgill Simpson’s 2019 album, Sound & Fury, his psychedelic “sleazy, steamy, rock” album, that also came with its very own Netflix anime film. To say that it was very different from what we were used to hearing from him might be the understatement of the year.

The album opens with the song “Ronin,” which features a tuning radio at the beginning of the song. While flipping through the stations, you hear a voice that sounds like Alex Jones of Infowars say:

“Ladies and gentlemen there is a overwhelming body of evidence that supports a conspiracy with a…”

And then it cuts out.

Turns out, it’s actually Joe Rogan’s voice, purposely imitating his longtime friend Alex Jones.

Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan admitted that it was him on an episode of his podcast back in 2021. During an interview with Adam Curry, Rogan does an impression of Alex Jones which sparks a laugh.

Rogan then comes out and says:

“I actually play Alex Jones in Sturgill Simpson’s album.

Sturgill Simpson and his most recent album, the opening segment the guy gets in the car, and he’s spinning through the radio dial, trying to find something to listen to, and there’s Alex Jones ranting and raving about the Illuminati, and that’s me.”

For those familiar with Sturgill, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the two are good friends.

Sturgill appeared on Rogan’s podcast quite a few times, with one hilarious story in particular going viral a few years ago:

Rogan has become a huge fan of real deal country music over the years. He recently had Charles Wesley Godwin on his podcast, and has also recently become a huge fan of Zach Bryan, who also joined him for an episode of the podcast last year. And throughout the show’s run, he’s also had on guys like Shooter Jennings, Chris Stapleton, and even Wheeler Walker Jr.

He’s praised Tyler Childers a bunch, and the same goes for Jason Isbell and Colter Wall. It’s a great thing for country music when a person with this kind of reach promotes some of the best artists on the planet.

Now, listen close and see if you can tell that’s Rogan in Sturgill’s song:

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