Koe Wetzel Teases New Song “Damn Near Normal”

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Koe Wetzel

Just give us the whole thing, Koe.

Of course, February 28th is a national holiday of sorts for Koe Wetzel fans, who affectionately refer to it as Koe Wetzel Day, and it looks like he’s celebrating by teasing some new music.

Earlier, it was announced that his fan-favorite project Noise Complaint would be available on vinyl for the very first time (which is the album “February 28th, 2016” was included on), and as a thank you to fans who ordered it, Koe also sent them a brand new song called “Damn Near Normal.”

And while it’s not quite available on streaming services yet, there is a teaser over on his Youtube page that has me dying to hear the whole thing.

Written by Koe, it definitely falls in line with what we heard on his most recent studio album Hell Paso in terms of the internal struggle of being out on the road all the time, getting into trouble with drinking and drugs just to keep himself going, and feeling like he’s missing out on a more “normal” life back home.

I have a feeling the song will be released very soon as the first single from KW6 (I don’t have any insider information, just a hunch), but until then, you can check out part of the studio cut below.

“Damn Near Normal”

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