Grandma With A Death Wish Walks Right By Bison In Yellowstone National Park

grandma yellowstone buffalo

Someone come and get their grandma. She’s walking around Yellowstone National Park without a care in the world.

Despite a multitude of real-life examples of things going horribly wrong when you get too close to bison, tourists that visit our national parks continue to walk right up to the massive 2,000 pound beasts.

Just in case you are one of those people who don’t realize how much damage a bison can do, please allow me to direct you to some of the examples and links I’ve included below:

-Man gets knocked over a fence after getting too close to bison

Little girl gets launched high into the air by bison

-A different Grandma got pummeled by a bison in Yellowstone

Maybe that grandma from the last one and the one in this video below know each other? That’s probably wrong of me to see two ill-informed elderly women and just assume that they are friends.

One found out the hard way that you aren’t supposed to approach bison, and the other got away scot-free. The National Park Service advises tourists to stay 25 yards from bison, but you wouldn’t guess that by the looks of this video.

Check it out:

That grandma was already walking with a cane…guess she wanted a reason to move officially to the walker? This goes to show that many people haven’t seen those stories I linked above of tourists getting their bells rung by bison.

Most of the time, the defense people use for getting too close to bison is that they thought they were just big, fluffy cows. Yeah, big, fluffy cows with horns on their head that could easily do some damage, and typically target dumb tourists.

You might be thinking that I’m being harsh towards the cane-using grandma, and maybe I am. But it looks like a lot of the people in the comments section below the post were in agreement with me on this one:

“Was anyone else hoping/waiting for the grandma to get knocked?”

“I guess age does not always mean the wiser.”

“She was going to fight him off with the cane of course.”

“‘Grandma almost got ran over by a bison.'”

“It’s a shame to be so stupid!”

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