Everybody Who Tuned In To Watch Shane Gillis On SNL Is Blasting “Garbage” Cold Open Mocking Donald Trump

Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live

Just get to Shane Gillis already.

That was pretty much the sentiment over on Twitter (or X, whatever) for everybody who tuned into Saturday Night Live to watch Shane Gillis after the show started with (surprise) a cold open making fun of Donald Trump.

SNL is in a prime spot to have its best ratings in a long time with Gillis hosting. The comedian is returning to the show for the first time since being fired from SNL back in 2019, just four days after being announced as a cast member, due to resurfaced clips that were blasted as racially insensitive.

Getting fired from (or never joining) SNL was arguably the best thing that’s happened for Gillis’ career, because the comedian has blown up in the years since, and recently released his latest special Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs on Netflix.

And it seems like SNL is ready to forgive and forget…

Just kidding, you know they only want Gillis for the ratings. And the excitement for this episode was high as people (myself included) who haven’t watched SNL in years tuned in to see Gillis.

But before we got to what we tuned in for, we were forced to sit through a horrifically unfunny cold open mocking Republican senators who support Donald Trump.

And the kicker: The skit didn’t even feature Gillis, who does one of the best Donald Trump impressions in his standup that you’ll ever see.

What are we doing here, Lorne Michaels? Shane did bust out the Trump impression in a later skit, however.

But it’s not just me saying this. Scrolling through Twitter, it seems that pretty much everybody had the same reaction.

Hey, it can only get better from here, right?

Here’s the cold open if you want to see why everybody thought it was so bad.

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