Casey Donahew Teams Up With Fellow Texas Greats Pat Green, Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen On “Running Out Of Time”

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Casey Donahew

Everything is bigger in Texas… even the featured lists on songs. Texas native and longtime staple in the Texas country music scene, Casey Donahew called in some fellow “Lone Star State” legends to help him out with his new song “Running Out of Time.”

There was no running out of features on the track, with the likes of Pat Green, Randy Rogers, and Wade Bowen laying down their own lines and harmonies on the newly released song. Donahew, Green, and Rogers had recently worked together on another song, which was a reimagined version of “God Bless Texas” that came out last summer.

When you get that many artists singing on one song together, you can sometimes risk sounding too forced or the track being too “busy,” but “Running Out of Time” had the exact opposite effect, with Donahew, Green, Rogers, and Bowen’s voices all working together beautifully to create a seamless, flowing country hit (that obviously mentions Texas more than a few times). The song’s lyrics weave their way through a number of different perspectives, but it always comes back to the line of “running out of time to be the man I used to be.”

Donahew and the Texas crew (if you are reading this Casey, feel free to use that as a band name) always bring it back to that idea, and obviously work each repeated chorus back towards the song’s title:

“They say nothing stays forever
My next day might be my last
Oh and if I fall behind I could just fade into to the past
So I’m drinking till the break of dawn
Living wild and free
And I’m running out of time to be the man I used to be”

It’s without a doubt a toe tapper, and certainly worthy of an addition to your respective country playlist. If you happen to have a “Texas Country” playlist, you won’t find a better song to fit that genre than this one.

Take a listen:

Oh, hey, would you look at that? Whiskey Riff already has a “Texas Country” playlist.

Once you get done listening to this new Casey Donahew song a couple of times (trust me, you’ll have to keep it on repeat for a bit), you can fire up this carefully curated Texas playlist:

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